My Credentials Continued
Loraine Alderman, Psy.D.
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                                      12/97 to 6/02
                                      Private Practice
                                      1761 Rockaway Parkway, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11236
                                      Provide play therapy for children and psychotherapy for adolescents,
                                      adults and families. Administer psycho-educational and psychological

                                      2/00 to 7/01
                                      Amityville Union Free School District
                                      Amityville, N.Y. 11701
                                      Psychologist - grant funded
                                      Perform Triennial evaluations of students in special education,
                                      Elementary through High School. Provide counseling to students, crisis
                                      intervention, create behavior modification plans and classroom consultation.

                                      09/96 to 11/99
                                      The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
                                      Brooklyn, N.Y. 11212
                                      06/98 to 11/99
                                      Clinical Coordinator of Inpatient Services, Department of Psychiatry
                                      Responsible for coordinating all aspects of two psychiatric inpatient
                                      units (36 beds and 21 beds), and for a nine bed scatter detoxification unit.
                                      Responsibilities include: supervising psychology interns, teaching
                                      residents and medical students, coordinating coverage of staff on all
                                      units, supervising discharge planning of difficult cases, chairperson of
                                      the Inpatient Performance Improvement Committee, and team leader of
                                      clinical cases.
                                      09/96 to 06/98
                                      Psychologist - Outpatient Department of Psychiatry, Trama Program
                                      Provide direct services to adult clients including, individual, family and
                                      group psychotherapy. Provide outreach to local schools and
                                      organizations about post traumatic stress disorder.

                                      12/96 to 3/00
                                      Westchester Day School
                                      Mamaroneck, N.Y. 10543
                                      Conduct psychological assessments of kindergarten students.

                                      07/95 to 06/96
                                      The Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center
                                      Brooklyn, N.Y. 11212
                                      Acute Psychiatric Inpatient Unit, Child and Adult Outpatient Psychiatry
                                      Psychology Intern - APA Approved
                                      Served as a primary therapist on a multidisiplinary treatment team in
                                      adult inpatient, child and adult outpatient settings. Responsibilities
                                      included: assessment and diagnostic evaluation, individual, family,
                                      group and play psychotherapy, discharge planning, and
                                      psychodiagnostic assessment.

                                      09/92 to 06/94
                                      Oceanside School District
                                      Oceanside, Long Island
                                      Highschool, Middle School #9, Elementary School #3
                                      School psychology intern
                                      Conducted kindergarten screenings, initial and triennial psychological
                                      evaluations utilizing cognitive and personality measures. Evaluations
                                      also included classroom observations, review of social history records,
                                      parent and child interviews. Duties included: report writing, parent
                                      conferences, writing IEP's and consultation with teachers, parents and
                                      social workers. Provided individual and group counseling.
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Alderman, L.(1995). Miscarriage Experience and Needs Assessment Questionnaire:Part
1-Mother's Version. Part 2- Partner's Version.
Unpublished but copyrighted.
"Psychiatric Symptoms and Treatment of PTSD"
Grand Rounds, Creedmoor Psychiatric Center,
Queensville, New York. November 20th 1997.
Alderman, L., Chisholm, J., Denmark, F. (1996, August). The Psychological Effects of
Miscarriages on Women and Their Families.
Poster session presented at the 104th
Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, Tronto, Canada.
Media Experience:

Interviewed by Donna Hanover on "Attitudes Toward Stress" on Good Day New York,
Interviewed by Donna Hanover on "Sunday Blues" on Good Day New York, 7/30/98.
Weekly column on various mental health topics for the Spring Creek Sun, titled
Dr. Alderman, On Call, 4/98 to 5/00.
Professional Affiliations:
American Psychological Association
National Association of School Psychologists
Nassau County Psychological Association
New York State Psychological Association
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